Tried and true our classic cleanse has been around since 2009.  Seven years later it continues to be a best seller.  What should you expect? Six, 500 ml cold pressed, power packed juices bottled in glass plus a daily elixir and a cleanse guide packaged in our bright green reusable cooler bag.  This cleanse includes our signature Green or Berry Smoothie, Green B Juice (all greens combined with a hint of green apple), Spicy Lemonade (can be gently warmed if cleansing during the cooler months), Red Juice (think of this as your colon kick start), Green A Juice (all greens plus lemon) and finishes off with our timeless Cashew Nut Mylk.  If you cleanse for more than two days, you can expect a few other of our green blends to make an appearance ensuring your taste buds are satisfied and your cleanse is successful.

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